Some people are surprised to learn that “TMJ” is not a diagnosis. The Temporal Mandibular Joint, or TMJ is a unique synovial joint. The TMJ components are the condyle of the mandible (lower jaw), the glenoid fossa of the temporal bone of the skull, and an articulating disc.

When there is structural alteration of any of these anatomical components, a person is at higher risk of having pain, bite changes, and decreased ability to function. There is also a correlation amongst structurally altered TMJ anatomy and poor growth of the lower jaw (mandible), upper jaw (maxilla), and malocclusions.

To understand what management and treatment options you have for TMJ related pain and dysfunction, you must first understand your diagnosis. For a doctor to make an accurate diagnosis, all the structures of the TMJ must be visualized. The fossa and the condyle may be viewed with a CBCT or 3-dimensional x-ray. The disc may be viewed with an MRI.

AIRE Dental Group has a rich history as being early adopters of TMJ imaging, diagnosis, and management. We can confidently say that we are some of the most experienced TMJ providers in the country.

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